Compliments for your purchase! This page attests the correct registration and working of the topweb packet. We're sure you will right away appreciate the capabilities and the user friendliness of the new product aquired.

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Topweb features

These are main features of your new web site:

- 10 GB of web space you can allocate among web, mail and mysql;
- PHP and CGI support;
- thirty e-mail addresses with unlimited alias, antispam and antivirus;
- four mysql databases and phpmyadmin included;
- file manager web FTP for transferring files from your own PC to the web space trought web browser.

User area

If you want to acquaint yourself immediately with all the functionalities available, log in the user area with the access data we sent you as a confirmation of the order. Click here to have access to the User Area.


Check your emails via web and send messages to your friends using the webmail service included in the Tophost product. To have access, use the access data we sent you with the product activation letter. Click here to enter the webmail.

Domain name registration

The domain name registrant is always the customer. Tophost care for transparency.